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We offer expert accounting, tax & business advice to individuals and small to medium businesses. Our aim is to help you to save money and to grow your personal and business wealth.
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AUS T.A.G.S Achievements
We have helped our clients to save thousands of dollars in reduced Tax/GST liabilities. Following are the real examples of our clients who were pursued by the authorities to collect tax and we successfully had the penalties & General Interest Charge remitted by utilising our valuable knowledge & experience.

Example 1 We helped one of our clients a Non-Profit organisation to save about $50,000. This client received a letter from the ATO demanding $50,000 in total. We successfully lodged an appeal with the ATO to have the debt cleared saving the client $50,000. We also managed to recover thousands of dollars in GST refund for that client.

Example 2 We were approached by a client who had not lodged his personal/partnership Tax & GST returns for 10 Years. The client had received several letters from the ATO demanding about $71,000. We successfully updated the overdue lodgements on behalf of that client. Based on the circumstances faced by the client, we lodged an appeal to have the penalties waived and the General Interest Charge remitted on his personal & Partnership accounts. Our appeal was honoured by the relevant authorities. Now, that client could expect to receive about $11,000 in tax refund.

Example 3 One of the clients who had lodged her personal Income Tax Return through another tax agent requested us to review her lodged return and see if it was complete & accurate. Based on some facts, we revised her tax return and lodged it with the ATO for processing. She received another $1,200 (approx) in tax refund.

There were several other clients who had been penalised by the ATO for failure to lodge on time and charged with the General Interest Charge for tax/GST shortfalls. We helped those clients to have the penalties waived and remitted/minimised GIC payments and got them to meet their tax/GST lodgments on time.

So, if you have received a letter from the ATO demanding payment for penalties/General Interest charge on your personal/business Tax/GST account call us to explore the options available to you that could save you $$$$.
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Business Accounting & Taxation & GST
Principal has been in Public Practice for over 10 years and has accumulated wealth of knowledge and valuable experience in small business. We have helped several of our clients from selecting an appropriate structure to acquiring a franchise. Currently, we offer 20 minutes of free consultation to new business clients with the Principal. So, take this opportunity and make an appointment with us if you are thinking of starting a business or in the process of acquiring a business.
Personal Tax Planning Services
We have helped numerous clients to reduce their tax liability by utilising our valuable knowledge & experience. This resulted in increase of their personal wealth. Call us if you would like to profit from our wealth of knowledge & experience.

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I received my tax back today, thank you for all your help. I can't believe I got it back in 7 working days. I'm off to Cairns and Ayres rock on the $5,580.00 I got back.
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